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Alumni Program for Alcohol Addiction

We firmly believe that feeling a sense of belonging fuels success and helps recovering addicts avoid relapse.
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After you finish drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you must return to the “real world,” where you’ll have to put your newfound skills to the test. While some recovering addicts already have a sound support system in place, others may feel isolated and start to experience alcoholism symptoms again. Here at United Recovery Project, your long-term success is one of our top priorities, and we’re confident that you have what it takes to achieve long-term sobriety. We created an alcohol addiction alumni program because we firmly believe that feeling a sense of belonging fuels success and helps recovering addicts avoid relapse. Not only that, but the program serves as the backbone of our community – a group of individuals who share the common goal of sobriety.

Who Can Join An Alumni Program For Alcohol Addiction?

Generally, recovering addicts join our alumni program after receiving treatment at one of our substance abuse detox programs and luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Some clients may also choose to join our alcohol alumni program while staying in a sober living home or after they leave the residence. Remember, there’s no “one-and-done” treatment for alcohol addiction – recovering from alcoholism is an everlasting commitment. Therefore, we highly encourage all our clients to participate in our alcohol addiction alumni program to improve their chances of long-term success.

You must first complete the below steps before joining the alcohol addiction alumni program:

  • Participate in our alcohol detox program to flush toxins from your body and comfortably cope with withdrawal symptoms.
  • Successfully complete our luxury addiction treatment.
  • Attend alcohol addiction therapy, including individual and group sessions.
  • Create long-term goals for your post-rehab life.
  • Find a substance-free house if you aren’t living in one of our sober living homes.
  • Adopt a “can do” mindset that will help you embrace positivity and inspire your internal motivation.

The Benefits Of An Alcohol Addiction Alumni Program

  • Become part of something bigger than yourself
  • Make new friends who share the same common goal
  • Build a support group to blossom your recovery journey
  • Stay in the know with a regular alumni newsletter
  • Hear inspiring stories from addicts who have walked in your shoes
  • Participate in fun activities that promote physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing

Make Lifelong Connections

When you participate in alumni program events, you’ll have the opportunity to build lifelong connections with recovering addicts from all walks of life. Even if you’re not in South Florida, you can still converse with fellow URP graduates through our private social media groups. These individuals won’t just become your friends; they’ll become your motivation. Best of all, our alumni program enables you to meet recovering addicts from all over the United States!

Steer Clear From Relapse

Our alumni program participants have already undergone treatment at our alcohol detox center and alcohol rehab. Many individuals have also lived (or are currently living) in sober living homes. Making it to the alumni program means you have made a ton of progress, and you should be incredibly proud of that. However, there’s always a chance that you could relapse if you can’t implement healthy coping mechanisms to deal with your emotional triggers. 

In our alumni program, you’ll meet like-minded individuals who will eventually become part of your support system. Having a solid support system is essential to staying sober and avoiding relapse. If you experience signs of a drinking problem again, don’t feel like you failed yourself! We have an open-door policy and welcome back individuals who need continued treatment to get back on the path towards recovery.

Stay Engaged

We like to call our alumni program the “heart” of our community of recovering addicts who are on the mission to achieve lifelong sobriety. Our alumni events are a safe space to discuss your highs and lows without judgment. And although alumni events are not part of our therapy programs, they are inarguably therapeutic. In fact, continuing to participate in healing therapy while connecting with URP graduates is an excellent way to keep your spirits high and gain invaluable insight from other recovering addicts. Many therapists recommend keeping your schedule busy to avoid relapse, and our inclusive alumni program will always give you something to look forward to!

Alumni Program for Alcohol Addiction

Drug Vs. Alcohol Alumni Programs: What’s The Difference?

Individuals who struggle with drugs and alcohol may receive different types of addiction therapy, but their recovery stories often overlap. For example, drug addicts and alcoholics typically become dependent on substances to deal with emotional and physical trauma, cope with mental health disorders, and socialize amongst their peers. We don’t separate recovering drug and alcohol addicts in our alumni program because they share so much in common. Ultimately, both share the common goal of sobriety.

Is An Alcohol Addiction Alumni Program Right For You?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the below questions, you would be an excellent fit for our alcohol alumni program:

  • Do you want to remain in touch with the treatment staff you’ve met throughout your journey?
  • Would you like to develop lifelong connections with other recovering addicts who share the same common goal?
  • Do you want to continue to gain new sources of motivation to fuel your recovery?
  • Are you interested in hearing inspiring stories from guest speakers who have walked in the same shoes as you?
  • Do you want to stay mentally and physically engaged by participating in various collaborative activities?
  • Would you like to connect with URP graduates virtually through Facebook Live videos and private group chats?

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