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Where to Get Co-Occurring Rehab for Bipolar Disorder and Addiction

Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness involving extreme emotions, mood swings, and disparate energy levels. Often, those battling substance use disorder are also suffering from mental health issues. The bipolar disorder and addiction treatment program at United Recovery Project Detox can help the people you love to overcome these co-occurring issues. Treating a mental health condition and substance use disorder at the same time is known as dual diagnosis treatment. If you or someone you love struggles with bipolar and addiction, professional bipolar disorder and addiction treatment is available in Florida. Contact United Recovery Project Detox online or call us at 833.525.0166 today.

The Struggle of Battling Bipolar and Addiction Simultaneously

Compared to the general population of people, those individuals who are in a battle with both bipolar and addiction at the same time are more likely to have:

  • Relationship problems
  • Economic Instability
  • Accidents
  • Suicide thoughts

Through the dual diagnosis process for co-occurring disorders, the skilled team at United Recovery Project Detox will come to understand the overlapping nature of your loved one’s bipolar and addiction. Then, a dedicated bipolar disorder and addiction treatment program will be designed for each individual, taking into consideration their past experiences, substances being misused, and the needs and specific challenges with both their bipolar disorder and their addiction.

The Importance of Co-Occurring Rehab for Bipolar and Addiction

Treatment for bipolar disorder is insufficient without also treating the addiction issues your loved one is struggling with at the same time. The reverse is true as well. Bipolar and addiction must be treated as co-occurring issues that have a cause-and-effect relationship with each other. A person’s likelihood of a drug relapse is high unless they undergo comprehensive rehab for both of their conditions. Finding the right rehab to care for the special people in your life and help them on the road to recovery can be a challenge but not near Boca Raton. For a luxury, friendly bipolar disorder and addiction treatment program, Florida residents can rely on United Recovery Project Detox. The medical team is warm and friendly and will teach relapse prevention techniques, provide coping strategies, and instill critical life skills that will help your loved one understand the social and emotional causes for drug and alcohol abuse and avoid the triggers that have caused problems in the past.

Our bipolar disorder and addiction treatment program will include:

  • Individualized care in a luxury facility
  • Dedicated treatment from a friendly and compassionate team of psychologists, therapists, and other professionals skilled in dual diagnosis for co-occurring disorders
  • Psychotherapy to help your loved one managing their emotions and reducing the risk of substance abuse during recovery
  • Prescribed medication to help level the emotional swings caused by bipolar disorder
  • Group support for a person’s bipolar and addiction
  • Support of family to help build trust, understanding, and ongoing support to facilitate a healthy, happy life in recovery

Bipolar disorder and addiction each cause serious risks to an individual’s health. Having a dual diagnosis can be catastrophic for the individual as well as for those in their life. This is why bipolar disorder and addiction treatment in Florida is where you can get co-occurring rehab for both issues in a safe space under the care of a skilled team. Treating the conditions simultaneously improves the odds of success.

Learn More at United Recovery Project Detox

When someone you care about battles bipolar and addiction, they don’t need to do so alone. Reach out to United Recovery Project Detox today using our secure online form or call us at 833.525.0166 to learn more about our compassionate bipolar disorder and addiction treatment program.