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12 Step Treatment

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Drug and alcohol addiction impacts people in various ways. To find success in these programs, a person needs to feel comfortable, have specific needs met, and recognize the value of change. This often begins within detox therapy programs, which help to remove the substances from your body. During this process, we begin therapy to help encourage recovery and control symptoms. A 12 step treatment program may be the right path for many people. United Recovery Detox offers resources to help you embrace this therapy session fully.

How A 12 Step Treatment Program Can Change Your Future

Alcoholics Anonymous first used a 12 step program. Within in, a person works through 12 steps to learn how to live without drugs or alcohol. This treatment option helps people achieve abstinence from these substances and provides the tools and confidence to continue doing so. To achieve this, a person recognizes that they cannot abstain and make these changes without surrendering to a higher power. That higher power can be anything you believe in – this plan is not for people of just a specific religious following. By working through the substance abuse treatment program, you’re able to let go of addiction, make things right in your life, and live a fulfilling life going forward.

How Does A 12 Step Treatment Program In Florida Work?

A person works through a series of steps that aim to change their way of thinking and right the wrongs of their past. Here is a brief look at those steps (you’ll learn more about them when you enter into drug detox treatment.

  1. Admit that you are powerless over your addiction at this point.
  2. Recognize that some higher power that you believe in can help you.
  3. Decide to turn over control of your addiction and life to a higher power.
  4. Create a personal inventory of what’s occurred to you.
  5. Admit to yourself, your higher power, and other people that wrongs you’ve done.
  6. Decide and prepare for a higher power to fix the shortcomings in your character that allowed addiction to occur.
  7. Ask the higher power to remove those specific shortcomings.
  8. Make a list of the wrongs you’ve committed and decide that you are willing to make amends for each one of them.
  9. Unless it would hurt them further, contact each person on your list and make amends to them.
  10. Continue with your personal inventory of wrongs and admit that you are wrong in appropriate situations.
  11. Choose enlightenment and connection with your higher power, often done through meditation or prayer.
  12. Tell other people about the 12 steps to help them.

What To Expect From Our 12 Step Treatment In Florida

When you enroll in our treatment program, you’ll have the ability to embrace what a 12 step program can offer to you. Our 12 step treatment program focuses on creating an opportunity for you to heal fully. It also provides access to other therapy models and tools to provide you with additional support and guidance. Here, in our luxury treatment center, you’ll feel empowered to change. These programs are available to you starting in detox and continue through all care we provide. Learn more about some of our therapies, including:

Embrace Treatment Today By Calling United Recovery Detox

Could a 12 step treatment program be the right option for you and your long-term success? When it comes to living life again, treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is critical. At United Recovery Project, we know you can achieve this success through 12 steps and other treatment programs we offer. Let us provide that support. Call 833.525.0166 or connect with us now online to learn more.

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