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Drug Addiction Withdrawal Treatment

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United Recovery Project understands that one of the greatest challenges facing individuals with a substance use disorder is overcoming withdrawal symptoms and avoiding relapse. With this in mind, we’ve created a facility that is exclusively focused on our residents’ health and overall wellbeing. Unlike other facilities, our drug addiction withdrawal treatment center provides a setting that is luxurious and welcoming. Individuals come to our luxury drug and alcohol detox center in Florida and find themselves not only offered the most comprehensive and customized treatment but space where they can feel empowered.

Why Drug Detox Is Necessary

Just in the United States, millions of people suffer from drug addiction. Some of those people will eventually enter into a detox program. However, many do not. Part of this is because they feel detox facilities are too clinical and controlling. With this in mind, United Recovery Project’s substance abuse detox center has made it a point to create a warm, comfortable environment. At our facility, individuals are given the space and respect they deserve to work through their withdrawal symptoms.

Abusing any drug leads to a buildup of toxins in your body. The detox process is your body doing its best to dump those toxins. It’s physically, mentally, and emotionally taxing. With alcohol and certain drugs, like benzodiazepines, detoxing can even prove life-threatening.

How Drug Addiction Withdrawal Treatment Works

Due to the potential dangers, most detoxing happens at detox centers staffed with medical professionals. The first part of the answer to how does drug detox work is you enter a drug detox facility. Once you enter the facility, there are three main stages of the process:

  1. Evaluation: In this beginning stage, individuals are asked questions, and a complete medical history is established. By determining what drugs have been used, how much, frequency of use, duration of use, and any medical issues, our team can make sure the withdrawal process goes as smoothly as possible. Without that information in hand, our team won’t be able to explain how drug detox works in your case. The specific drug and details of your use determine what happens in the next stage.
  2. Stabilization: This is where the staff wean you off the drugs, and withdrawal happens. If withdrawal poses health risks, you might receive medication to limit the side effects. The severity of withdrawal can’t be predicted, which is why detoxing under medical supervision is strongly recommended. If you develop dangerous symptoms while detoxing at home, you might not reach medical care in time. The amount of time you spend in detox depends on what you use. Some drugs clear your system within days. In other cases, you might stay in detox for as long as a month.
  3. Transitioning to Rehab: Once the doctors think your condition is stable, the next step is rehab. Detox is primarily about managing your medical condition. It’s the first step in drug and alcohol addiction treatment, but it’s not enough by itself.

United Recovery Project Detox

Addiction is only partially about the body craving a drug. There is also a mental and emotional attachment to the drug. By the time someone enters detox, the drug probably plays a role in every part of their life. Our drug addiction withdrawal treatment programs help residents deal with that side of the addiction.

A luxury detox center like United Recovery Project’s offers a wide range of detox therapy programs that residents can take part in to address their specific needs:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Anger management therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Nutritional therapy

These therapies help clients discover what drives their addiction and learn healthy coping mechanisms as they work to heal and overcome their dependency. Don’t let addiction stay in charge. You can find a way back with help from a quality rehab program. If you’re ready, reach out to us at 833.525.0166.