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Depression Treatment Program

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Depression is a profound level of sadness and helplessness, a feeling that does not go away even when you want it to fade away simply. For those struggling with depression, the best way forward is with professional treatment from a licensed therapist. Our depression treatment program at United Recovery Project offers the resources you need to gain confidence and rebuild your mental health. We also offer dual diagnosis treatment programs for those who are also battling drug and alcohol addiction.

How Do You Know You Need A Depression Treatment Program?

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Depression isn’t a short-term feeling of being sad. Rather, it tends to linger often for weeks and months. A person may wish to seek out a depression treatment program at our luxury treatment center if they have symptoms such as:

  • Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness that linger
  • Lack of interest in things once enjoyed or in friends and family
  • Increased drug and alcohol use often minimize the symptoms of depression
  • Struggling with responsibilities and managing tasks that were once no problem
  • Sleeping a lot more than normal or struggling to sleep at all

Depression can occur due to a tragedy or trauma event, such as the death of a loved one or witnessing an accident. It can also develop due to a chemical or hormone imbalance. In all cases, treatment is beneficial to most people.

What Can You Expect In A Depression Treatment Program In Florida?

Each person’s needs are a bit different. For many people, the first step is recognizing what’s happening and determining why that is. For example, it may mean reaching into the past to deal with a past trauma that’s impacting you today. It may be necessary to consider life events or difficulties that could make it hard to focus on the good.

Often, medications are helpful. They can help with rebalancing a person’s hormone balance. They can also help to control symptoms better. Finding the right medications in your situation can take some time, though.

Therapies In Depression Treatment

Depression treatment often includes the use of psychotherapy and holistic therapy. These are various learning experiences and counseling sessions that enable you to learn and grow beyond your depression. At United Recovery Project, we offer a range of addiction therapy programs that may help you, including:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Equine therapy programs
  • Art therapy program
  • Music therapy program
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Fitness therapy programs

Each of these programs is meant to create changes in the brain. For example, in cognitive-behavioral therapy, a person learns how to recognize inaccurate or simply negative thought patterns that lead to poor decision-making. Then, they learn how to change those thoughts. Equine therapy can be beneficial to some because it builds self-confidence and value each day.

Managing Addiction And Depression Treatment

It’s also important to recognize the need for dual diagnosis treatment. This type of substance abuse treatment program focuses on helping a person overcome both their drug or alcohol addiction and their depression. Treating both at the same time allows you to gain the best control over your symptoms. It may also help to reduce relapse.

Our team at United Recovery Project offers treatment for all aspects of addiction and mental health disorders. If you’re not sure you need help or how your drug or alcohol use impacts your mental health, allow us to provide a full assessment.

Invest In The Care You Need At United Recovery Project

When depression is present in your life, every decision seems difficult. Let the decision to get into a depression treatment program be easier to do. At United Recovery Project, we can help with drug and alcohol addiction and mental health needs like this. Learn more when you call us at 833.525.0166 or connect with our team online today.