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Relapse Prevention

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Relapse is a real part of the addiction recovery process. Unfortunately, it happens to many people, even those who are dedicated to no longer using it. Yet, with the right treatment, it may be possible to reduce this risk substantially. As a component of our detox therapy programs at United Recovery Detox, we provide a relapse prevention therapy program in Florida. It is uniquely designed to give you the tools you need to avoid addiction relapse.

Why You Need A Relapse Prevention Therapy Program

During your substance abuse treatment, you’ll work with a therapist to develop a relapse prevention plan. This is a series of stages you’ll work through to gain the confidence to live a life without drugs or alcohol. You’ll learn the ins and outs of relapse, including how it happens. Then, you’ll have tools to use when you are at risk. This type of program provides you with many benefits, including:

  • Recognizing the signs of relapse risk and knowing what to do when you see them.
  • Developing strategies for coping with stress to minimize those risks.
  • Knowing how to get help when you are at risk of using, including who to call and what steps to take.
  • Developing habits to minimize risk, such as properly managing your diet, sleep, and overall health while balancing stress.
  • Knowing how to continue with therapy so you can avoid the onset of relapse.

Relapse often happens when a person is isolated and battling stress and addiction on their own. That’s why we encourage you to continue with psychotherapy within our program long-term or to use local recovery meetings as additional support.

A Relapse Prevention Therapy Program Is A Core Component Of Your Success

Working closely with your therapist, you’ll learn more about relapse risks and recognizing them. You’ve put in a lot of work in therapy. This may include numerous hours working through detox and battling mental health disorders. You don’t have to lose all of that to relapse, even if it feels inevitable right now.

During this treatment plan, you’ll develop skills to address what’s really happening. For example, you may need continued support through therapy programs to help you manage trauma and overcome health concerns. In addition, you may need to build up your confidence and have people to talk to about what you’re feeling. Our team works with you to develop a plan to address each one of these needs for you thoroughly.

How Relapse Prevention Fits Into Our Therapy Program

Many people begin treatment at United Recovery Detox in our drug detox program. This allows your body to have the support it needs as you no longer have access to substances. Proper supportive medications are provided. At the same time, we begin therapy. This includes addressing why you have an addiction, what caused it, and how you can gain control.

The relapse prevention component is an important tool for this process. It enables a person to work to build their confidence during therapy. You’ll also have access to other types of therapy to support you in this process. That may include:

Once you leave therapy, you’ll always be able to come back to us to gain support when things get tough. That is another component of relapse prevention – knowing we are here for you through it all.

Explore Treatment At United Recovery Detox Today

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional access to drug and alcohol addiction recovery in our luxury treatment center. That means providing every tool, including our relapse prevention therapy program, to assist you in this process. We are committed to your success. We’re also confident you can thrive here. To learn more about United Recovery Detox and our relapse prevention in Florida, call 833.525.0166 or connect with us now online today!

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