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Alcohol and Drug Addiction Aftercare Programs

Here at United Recovery Project, we view addiction as a disease that requires lifelong management, just like diabetes and arthritis
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During your time at our luxury rehab center, you’ll learn healthy ways to manage your emotions, battle your triggers, and cope with anxiety and stress. Not only that, but you’ll also work with psychiatrists and licensed therapists, and counselors to understand the root causes of your addiction. Here at United Recovery Project, we view addiction as a disease that requires lifelong management, just like diabetes and arthritis. When you participate in alcohol and drug addiction aftercare programs, you may be able to lower your chance of relapse.

Alcohol and drug addiction aftercare programs are incredibly effective for recovering addicts who once used various substances – hard liquor, cocaine, heroin, pain killers, and methamphetamine, to name a few. 

Understanding Alcohol and Drug Addiction Aftercare

The Advantages of Addiction Aftercare Programs

Types of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Aftercare

The Objective of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Aftercare Programs

Is an Aftercare Program Right for You?

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Understanding Alcohol And Drug Addiction Aftercare

Simply put, alcohol and drug addiction aftercare consists of the actions that recovering addicts take to maintain sobriety and cope with the emotional distress caused by their addiction. Addiction aftercare typically includes ongoing individual and group therapy sessions, sober living homes, and participation in an alumni program.

We know firsthand what it’s like to transition from alcohol and drug rehab back to daily life

The Advantages Of Addiction Aftercare Programs

Since many of us at United Recovery Project are recovering addicts, we know firsthand what it’s like to transition from alcohol and drug rehab back to daily life. The advantages of addiction aftercare programs are truly endless. Here’s a glimpse at just a handful of the benefits:

  • Put the skills you learned in our luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center to practice
  • Continue to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually through various forms of therapy
  • Maintain your motivation to avoid substances that you once used to cope with emotions and trauma
  • Form mutually-beneficial relationships with other recovering addicts who share the same common goal
  • Keep a busy calendar that could ultimately help you avoid relapsing

Types Of Alcohol And Drug Addiction Aftercare

Here at United Recovery Project, we never want a recovering addict to feel isolated or vulnerable after leaving our luxury rehab center. Therefore, our team of addiction professionals has carefully designed well-structured and inclusive alcohol and drug aftercare programs. 

Alumni Program

Our alumni program is the backbone of our community – a welcoming program that enables addicts and recovering addicts to connect and share their struggles and success stories. We also invite guest speakers to share their inspiring recovering stories. And if you’re not in South Florida – don’t fret! Our graduates stay in the know through our private Facebook Group.

Sober Living Homes

Many recovering addicts benefit from a transitionary period between rehab and their return to everyday life. Our sober living homes are excellent facilities for those who want to live in a flexible yet safe and trigger-free environment to encourage their recovery. Residents live in gender-specific housing with standard ground rules, such as a curfew and random drug screening. Recovering addicts enjoy premium amenities in our South Florida facilities just minutes away from the scenic Atlantic Coast. And even after leaving our sober living homes, you’re welcome to return under our open-door policy if you feel like you need extra support to avoid relapse.

Individual And Group Therapy

You shouldn’t stop therapy after you leave rehab or a sober living home. Graduates should continue to attend therapy weekly and gradually reduce the frequency of sessions once they feel more confident with their newfound sobriety. 

Some of the most beneficial types of therapies include, but are not limited to:

  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Psychotherapy
  • Motivational therapy

No matter where you are on your journey, don’t hesitate to contact us about our robust selection of therapy programs. Our psychiatrists and licensed therapists can help you create a therapy plan that best suits your personal needs.

The Objective Of Alcohol And Drug Addiction Aftercare Programs

Substance abuse is more than just an addiction – it’s a disease. Just like any disease, you have to continue to manage and treat your addiction for the rest of your life. Imagine that a doctor recently diagnosed you with diabetes – you couldn’t go to the hospital without a long-term care schedule. Staying sober often means participating in various addiction aftercare programs after your time in a luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. It’s essential to incorporate the following elements into an alcohol and drug addiction recovery plan:

  • A solid plan to overcome your triggers and adopt healthy coping mechanisms
  • Visits scheduled with a licensed therapist or counselor to continue staying on the track to recovery
  • A comprehensive backup plan in case you’re on the verge of release
  • An in-depth understanding of your disease, what causes it, and how to seek help if you need it
  • A support system that has your back in case you’re ever tempted to use alcohol or drugs again

Are Aftercare Programs Right For You?

If you can answer “yes” to the below questions, we highly recommend drug and alcohol aftercare programs:

  • Do you want to continue the same healing therapy you received during your luxury addiction treatment?
  • Would you like to meet other recovering addicts and develop meaningful, lifelong relationships?
  • Do you need extra time to transition from drug and alcohol addiction treatment back to your post-rehab life?
  • Have you already participated in one of URP’s substance abuse detox programs?
  • Do you want to build an invaluable support group and continue to grow your relationships with the staff you worked with at our luxury rehab center?

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