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Rehab Aftercare Program

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During the drug and alcohol treatment program, many people build up the ability to stop using and the strength to manage life’s challenges. Yet, once a person steps back out into daily life, it gets more difficult to control these things. That is why many benefit from ongoing care, including in a rehab aftercare program. This is a way to continue to get the support needed, no matter what happens. At United Recovery Project, our luxury treatment programs are always available to our patients after treatment.

What Is A Rehab Aftercare Program?

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Even after months of residential therapy or intensive outpatient therapy, some people need to continue with support groups and a rehab aftercare program once they leave treatment. That’s okay – it simply means that you need to keep working towards building confidence and health. This type of program allows you to continue to work with your support team even after you’ve left formal treatment. There are a few reasons why this becomes so important:

  • Getting back to work or school can be hard without some help in the process. Getting insight into the process of re-establishing life is important.
  • Some people begin to start feeling cravings or feel themselves thinking about using again. That’s a sign there’s a need for more help.
  • There may be times when stress levels become too hard, such as when a loved one dies or a stressful relationship problem arises. Having someone to talk to is important.
  • Other times, life gets boring and simplistic. That may have your mind wandering, and you may be tempted to use it again.
  • Mental health disorders can become problematic again. Getting more help allows you to get back on track.

There is no limit to what aftercare can do for you. The key here is to recognize when it is important to get help and know where to receive it.

Can An Addiction Aftercare Program Prevent Relapse?

Relapse is sometimes a part of the addiction recovery process. There are times when a person may experience intense cravings or start thinking about using drugs again. This is the ideal time to reach out for additional help. An aftercare program can help by offering some help to get you back on track, such as revisiting your goals or working through obstacles.

Sometimes, during an aftercare program, your therapist may recommend stepping back into more formal and consistent addiction therapy programs. This may be necessary to help prevent the onset of relapse in some people.

If You Feel Okay Right Now, Do You Still Need An Aftercare Program?

There are many benefits to using an aftercare program that goes beyond the prevention of relapse. They include:

  • Building confidence in yourself.
  • Working on managing triggers for stress management.
  • Connecting with others who “get it” during group therapy.
  • Giving back through volunteering opportunities.
  • Getting help with big decisions in your life.
  • Working on rebuilding relationships that may become difficult over time.

Having a rehab aftercare program available to you in case you need it is valuable. It can often make the difference in creating a path forward, even when times seem okay. With depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders and the pressure from addiction always present, this type of dual diagnosis treatment help makes sense.

Are You Ready To Get Help? Call United Recovery Project

Deciding to get help for drug and alcohol addiction is a big one. It is one you will put a lot of time and hard work into during the next few months. That is why continuing your care with a rehab aftercare program is important. It ensures you can continue to stay the course. At United Recovery Project, we provide the tools you need to stay connected and healing. Learn more by connecting online with us or call 833.525.0166 for an appointment.

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