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Holistic Detox Program

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Every year, millions of Americans suffer from substance use disorder. This disease upends lives, ruins relationships, and can even be fatal. However, detox center programs like the holistic detox center offered by United Recovery Project can be the solution. We strive to treat the whole of the patient, not just their disorder. This means that you get the compassionate and comprehensive treatment that you deserve.

What Is A Holistic Detox Center?

Most drug detox centers offer traditional medical detox. This means that they will likely use medications to treat the patient’s drug addiction. Several withdrawal medications can be used to lessen the impact of symptoms and reduce cravings. However, these medications need to be strictly administered because some can be addictive themselves. So the treatment team has to be careful. Also, medication for treating withdrawal can create a scenario where individuals must make taking the medication a routine practice rather than just a one-time method.

By contrast, a holistic detox center offers a “complete individual” approach to detox. That means that it will treat the whole of the person, not just their diagnosis. This can involve traditional detox in conjunction with various alternative medicines. Some of these alternative medicines include the following:

  • Acupuncture
  • Yoga
  • Meditation and meditation exercises
  • Acupressure
  • Energy work like reiki
  • Neurofeedback and biofeedback
  • Herbal medicine
  • Nutrition therapy

When used in addition to traditional medical detox, these alternative therapies can be an excellent tool to help the patient detox from substances.

Holistic Addiction Treatment Centers And You

When you first check into a drug detox center like United Recovery Project’s, you will go through several steps during your detox process. First, you will be given a full mental and physical evaluation by a doctor. This is important because these evaluations will help your treatment team figure out the best course of action for you. Then you will begin with medical detox, and that’s when the alternative therapies may come into play.

How can alternative therapies like holistic detox help you? Well, here are a few benefits to a holistic treatment approach:

  • Particular withdrawal symptoms might lessen or fade away. Withdrawal symptoms can be very uncomfortable, dangerous, or even deadly at times, so it’s important to treat them safely and carefully during the detox process.
  • Stress may go away or lessen. Stress is a key core cause of substance use disorder in some patients, and less stress means more of a chance to recover fully.
  • You might find spiritual health or grounding. This can be key to recovery in patients with a religious background, or even those who are nonbelievers in some instances.
  • Your eating habits will improve. Poor nutrition tends to make addiction worse, and it can become a bad cycle of poor eating and substance use.

Of course, these are not the only benefits of a substance abuse detox program. To be sure, the benefits could be endless. At United Recovery Project’s medical detox center located in beautiful Florida, we strive to make sure our patients receive a holistic approach. We believe that treating the whole person makes for better outcomes than just treating the addiction and that it’s to everyone’s benefit.

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Substance use disorder is a dangerous illness, but you do not have to face it alone. Our secluded and luxury accommodations at United Recovery Project’s detox center are an excellent place to begin your journey to recovery. Our holistic detox center will treat the whole of you with the utmost care and respect, so if you are looking for a compassionate and informed approach to addiction treatment, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Contact us using the form on our website or call us now at 833.525.0166 to get your life back.

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