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Detox Center Programs

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For those struggling with a substance use disorder, an addiction to drugs or alcohol, finding substance abuse detox programs can be challenging. For many, the first step in recovery is detox. This is the process of working the drugs or alcohol out of one’s system in a safe, medically monitored way. At United Recovery Project, our luxury drug detox programs offer a secure and comfortable environment where men and women can work through their withdrawal symptoms and begin the addiction treatment they need to restore their health and make a lasting recovery. Learn more about our Florida detox today!

What Does Detox Involve?

At United Recovery Project, we understand that addiction is a complex disease with physical and mental aspects requiring medical detox. For many, detox is seen as something that only handles addiction’s physical aspect, specifically the withdrawal symptoms individuals go through. Drug and alcohol addiction alters brain chemistry, causing a person to become reliant upon the substance to operate normally. When individuals cease to use drugs or alcohol after developing such a dependency, their body has a severely difficult time re-adjusting. Withdrawal symptoms will range in intensity and duration from person to person, but it is always unpleasant and challenging to overcome.

Detox can happen naturally. When someone ceases to use drugs or alcohol, there is a finite amount of time the substances will stay in a person’s system. However, the nature of dependency means that even after the substances have disappeared, the individual will struggle to cope. Many individuals who attempt to self-detox or go ‘cold turkey’ fail because they underestimate the impact of withdrawal. Fortunately, our luxury detox center programs in Florida provide the perfect environment to not only stay the course but learn the skills and techniques necessary to achieve lasting sobriety.

Through nutritional therapy, group activities, and individualized counseling, our holistic approach gives residents the resources they need to address addiction’s physical and mental aspects. When combined with any medication-assisted treatment deemed necessary, our detox therapy programs provide the necessary support, so residents strengthen their body and mind as they progress through treatment.

Types Of Detox

Every drug addiction requires its approach to heal from because each will have a different effect on the body. While there may be some overlap or shared symptoms, an approach that works for one substance use disorder may not work for another. Similarly, each individual will respond differently to treatment based on several factors like their own physiology, length of addiction, and intensity of dependency. Thus, United Recovery Project designed luxury detox center programs with this in mind.

No matter the substance a resident is addicted to, we offer a customizable and comprehensive detox program. Some of our drug addiction withdrawal treatment and detox programs include:

  • Alcohol detox
  • Benzo detox
  • Cocaine detox
  • Heroin detox
  • Meth detox
  • Opioid detox
  • Opiate detox
  • Prescription drug detox

In each of these detox programs, residents will get the individualized care they need to overcome their withdrawal symptoms. Working alongside our team, clients will devise a therapeutic plan to achieve their recovery goals. Unlike other facilities, our drug and alcohol detox center in Florida embraces our beautiful surroundings. Many of our therapies give patients the opportunity to enjoy the surrounding environment and connect with others in the program laying the foundation for a lasting recovery.

The Detox Center At United Recovery Project

Entering detox can seem daunting, but it doesn’t need to be. People heal best when they are relaxed and focused. To that end, we’ve not only filled our facility with amenities but designed programs that enhance each individual’s confidence and well-being. Reach out to United Recovery Project’s detox center today at 833.525.0166 to begin the journey of recovery. Our team of medical experts, counselors, and therapists can help you or a loved one get on track to heal and make a lasting recovery.

Find The Healing You Need

At United Recovery Project, our holistic approach to addiction treatment centers around addressing and healing the underlying issues at the root of addiction. We help guests heal mentally and emotionally.