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Women’s Detox Program

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Dealing with drug addiction takes courage. Because it’s a disorder that triggers psychological and physiological changes, the path to recovery often starts in detox center programs equipped to handle physical, behavioral, and mental withdrawal symptoms.

The way addiction affects people can depend on their socio-economic backgrounds. There may also be significant differences in how addiction impacts women in comparison to men. This is why many treatment providers offer gender-specific detox and treatment programs.

Going to a women’s addiction treatment program after being supervised at a women’s detox center could be the best way for you or someone you care about to move forward and past their addiction. Contact United Recovery Project’s detox center online or call 833.525.0166 to learn more about the women’s detox and drug detox programs we offer in Florida.

Why Choose Gender-Specific Detox And Treatment

Did you know that women are more likely to transition from substance use to drug addiction and dependency than men? In addition, women require a lower frequency of drug use at a lower dosage before they get addicted. The side effects and withdrawal symptoms of drugs are usually more severe and life-threatening for women, too. And when attempting to quit using substances, women are more likely to relapse.

Unfortunately, women also tend to have more addiction triggers, such as losing a child or other loved one or situations arising from domestic violence. While men face peer pressure in connection to substance use and are taught by culture and society to be stoic and reliable, women are expected to be agreeable and quiet. They remain a good wife, mother, or employee. These expectations can lead to substance use and eventual addiction.

Physiological responses can also be different. Women who use marijuana are more prone to experiencing panic attacks and other types of anxiety disorders. Women who use MDMA are more prone to experiencing intense hallucinations than men, who instead face spikes in blood pressure.

The multiple differences between how men and women deal with addiction are more than enough to consider gender-specific detox and substance abuse detox programs.

What To Expect From A Women’s Detox Center

One of the main advantages of going to a women’s detox center is that patients will be around their peers. The other patients and the professional team supervising your detox will understand exactly what you’re going through and will tailor their therapies and treatments for women, specifically.

No two people will have the same addiction, detox, and treatment experiences – but there will be common elements in your paths – no matter what your sex is. The first thing a women’s detox center will do is order a comprehensive check on your health. From what they find, they will design an effective treatment plan. A medical detox program team will set you up for supervision and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for your withdrawal symptoms and drug cravings.

Following a successful detox, a patient can spend time in individual or group therapy and may be encouraged to go through other forms of counseling. They might need to go through a residential treatment program, too. The goal is to help patients identify their triggers, devise coping mechanisms, and maintain their sobriety. Learning and recovering in a safe space developed for their gender – among others like them – can also help.

Learn More About United Recovery Project’s Women’s Detox Program

Finding the right detox therapy program is key to begin recovery from substance use disorder. For some clients, finding a gender-specific program is key. If you or someone you care about is looking for a women’s detox center in Florida, contact United Recovery Project online or call 833.525.0166 to find out more about our women’s addiction treatment programs.

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