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Men’s Detox Program

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If you or someone you love is ready to deal with their drug addiction issues, there are many detox center programs to choose from. Each person’s experience regarding substance use disorder is different, which is why treatment providers often offer personalized treatment plans. Some also offer gender-specific detox and treatment programs.

At United Recovery Project in Florida, we have a men’s detox center and offer men’s addiction treatment programs. If you or someone you love is looking to start on their recovery path, call our drug detox center at 833.525.0166 or contact our team online.

Why Choose Gender-Specific Detox And Treatment

Did you know that addiction occurs more frequently in men and also kills more men than women? Men are also more prone to exhibiting antisocial personality disorder when they’re addicted. They’re also more likely to use multiple drugs.

Research shows that men and women have different needs regarding drug addiction and general mental health treatments. Unfortunately, men are often taught by culture and society to be stoic and self-sufficient and avoid seeming fragile or weak. The way men respond to these teachings is amplified when women are present.

When men go through detox and treatment in gender-specific programs, they can be open about their struggles and experiences. And although research also indicates that men take longer to open up, they may do so soon in groups that don’t include women.

Men also require different psychological interventions and therapies that women do. For example, many men have types of trauma or have anger issues that few women have. By interacting with other men who have had similar experiences, men can start healing more effectively. When treatment is tailored to someone’s needs, including focusing on their gender, recovery can happen sooner.

What To Expect From A Men’s Detox Center

Men are compelled to start treatment for different reasons than women. Their desire to appear independent and strong causes men to try and deal with their addictions alone. However, for severe drug addictions, medical detox is necessary for their health not to be seriously impacted. Men could resist going to a detox center, even though it’s their best chance to start on the path to recovery.

Culture and society’s expectations may cause men to pull back from progress during addiction treatment, even when they’re in the company of all men. This desire to protect their standing and their image is taken into account when developing male-specific programs. In emotionally charged situations like detox and rehab, men can also form rivalries or start to dislike each other. That’s taken into account, too.

In any male-specific program for detox and treatment, detox therapies that make a concerted effort to foster camaraderie between men are common. These programs also address the complex social aspects of addiction among males. Treatment plans are often designed to help shift patients’ views about addiction and recovery. Therapy can focus on the fact that many men feel weak or like a failure when they seek professional help – because this way of thinking slows progress and can ultimately lead to relapse.

When a patient comes to a men’s detox program or goes through another male-specific program, they can get the substance abuse detox they need without worrying about appearing strong or reliable. All the people around them are going through the same problems they are.

Learn More About United Recovery Project’s Men’s Detox Program And Other Services

Our men’s detox program offers several treatment options and therapies. Reach out to United Recovery Project today by contacting our detox center online or calling 833.525.0166 and asking about our men’s detox center in Florida, which also offers men’s addiction treatment programs.

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