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LGBTQ-Friendly Treatment Program

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Feeling comfortable and supported are core components of success in addiction treatment. That’s why so many people within the LGBTQ community need a program that understands their unique experiences and is designed to meet their specific needs. Many detox therapy programs provide the same basic services to those within this community, but they do not understand the challenges faced. At United Recovery Detox, we offer an LGBTQ-friendly treatment program that can change the course of your life.

Expect To Feel Empowered And Understood In Our LGBTQ Friendly Treatment Program

When using drugs and alcohol daily is critical to getting through the day or dealing with the frustrations of life, it may be time to turn to a substance abuse treatment program for support. For those within the LGBTQ community, there are some key benefits to choosing a program specifically designed to address your needs.

  • You need to feel welcome and comfortable within treatment. That comes from having a program that’s designed to address your needs.
  • The stress and frustration you have leading to your substance use disorder may differ from what others experience.
  • Many people within this community face mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression because of the experiences they’ve had. Treatment should address those needs.
  • Being surrounded by other people who are going through the same thing can help people thrive and gain confidence in themselves.
  • Feeling empowered means knowing that the therapist in front of you wants to help you thrive. Having staff that is dedicated to providing those services is important.

Take Advantage Of An LGBTQ Friendly Treatment Program In Florida

When you enroll in an LGBTQ-friendly treatment program at United Recovery Detox, you receive exceptional support. Our team provides a full assessment to create an individualized treatment plan to address your needs. From there, we work closely with you to ensure you have the tools you need to work through the drug detox process.

During this time, you’ll begin to receive treatment not just for detoxing but also the therapy needed to help you gain strength and confidence again. This may include individual and group therapy within our community. Some of the therapies we use as a component of treatment include:

Each one of these tools works to address your specific needs. That includes working through past trauma and pain you may have experienced. You’ll have tools available to manage stress and family conflicts. During treatment, you may learn how to address the pain you feel and embrace your own personality.

It can seem impossible to overcome drug and alcohol addiction, especially when battling conflicts in daily life, mental health disorders, or past trauma. Yet, in our setting, we are committed and confident that we can provide you the resources you need.

Why Choose Our LGBTQ Friendly Treatment?

You have options when it comes to getting care. Our team has designed a therapy and treatment program, including a full detox program designed to meet your unique needs. Take a few minutes to find out what we can do for you. With a comprehensive program in a luxury treatment center, you’ll feel right at home when you work with us for drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Find The Support You Need At United Recovery Detox

There’s help for you. At United Recovery Detox, we are confident you’ll find a welcoming, supportive environment here to help you get back your life. Our LGBTQ-friendly treatment program is designed to empower you every step of the way towards recovery. To get started, call us at 833.525.0166 or reach out to our team now online.

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