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Medical Detox Program

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A frequent obstacle preventing people struggling with a substance use disorder from seeking out the professional support necessary is fear of withdrawal. When the body becomes dependent upon drugs or alcohol, the removal of the substances can cause severe physical and mental distress in the form of withdrawal symptoms. However, United Recovery Project’s medical drug and alcohol detox center can provide the necessary support to help individuals get through this stage and find the treatment they need.

What Medical Detox Involves

While detoxification is similar to addiction treatment, it is not synonymous with it. Detox is a specific set of interventions designed to alleviate intoxication and manage withdrawal symptoms from substances like drugs or alcohol. Withdrawal symptoms will vary from person to person and be determined by the substance used. However, there are some shared or common symptoms, such as:

  • Mood disorders like depression or anxiety
  • Sleep issues ranging from insomnia to disturbed or restless sleep to excessive sleep
  • Headaches, confusion, and an inability to focus
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Appetite changes
  • Muscle aches, dizziness, and shakiness
  • Blood pressure and heartbeat issues

These symptoms put the body under a great deal of stress, causing other underlying or even minor health issues unrelated to substance use disorder to flare up or worsen. For this reason, medically supervised detox is the safest method. With trained professionals at the ready and monitoring resident progress, if complications arise to address them immediately. Further, our luxury detox center ensures residents are as comfortable as possible, so they are in the best position to work through their withdrawal symptoms.

There are three stages to medical detox including:

  • Evaluation: This serves as the basis for creating a treatment plan. Upon initial arrival, our team collects as complete medical history as possible, determines what substances are in an individual’s system, and conducts screening for any co-occurring mental concerns.
  • Stabilization: This stage makes up the bulk of detox. As residents are monitored to ensure they are medically stable, sometimes given medications for assistance in managing withdrawal symptoms. It is also when our team of addiction professionals being to familiarize residents with what to expect in the treatment.
  • Entry into treatment: The final stage involves helping residents transition from detox to the appropriate addiction treatment program to help them continue their recovery. Our medical drug and alcohol detox center focuses on helping individuals work through the initial physical symptoms of substance use disorder. After detox, many individuals need to enter an addiction treatment program to learn to manage the emotional and mental aspects of dependency to make a lasting recovery.

Options At Our Medical Addiction Treatment Center

For some residents, the duration of their substance use disorder means they experience more intense withdrawal symptoms requiring added support. At United Recovery Project, some of the medications that may be used at our medical alcohol and drug detox center include:

  • Suboxone: This is the brand name of the prescription medication that combines buprenorphine and naloxone. It is highly effective in treating opioid dependency. It helps individuals manage cravings by reducing their impact and frequency.
  • Vivitrol: This is the brand name of the medication known as naltrexone. It blocks receptors in the brain neutralizing the effects of drugs like opioids and alcohol. When individuals take Vivitrol, they experience no pleasure or ‘high’ from their substance use. This, in turn, helps them manage and overcome their cravings and avoid relapse.

United Recovery Project Detox

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