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Alumni Program for Drug Addiction

Recovering from drug abuse is a lifelong journey – it doesn’t end after graduating from a luxury rehab center.
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Recovering from drug abuse is a lifelong journey – it doesn’t end after graduating from a luxury rehab center. Throughout the years, we’ve built a community through our alumni program – a resource that enables recovering addicts to come together and socialize, share their success stories, and participate in engaging activities. Our alumni program helps individuals establish a sense of purpose, which is essential to their long-term success. Alumni program participants come from all walks of life and have struggled with mild-to-serve drug and alcohol addictions. Our staff (many of which are recovering addicts) also routinely participate in alumni program events. We believe that the diversity of our alumni program is another element that makes it highly rewarding for everyone who participates. 

Who Can Join An Alumni Program For Drug Addiction?

We welcome both recovering alcohol and drug addictions into our alumni program. Participants should first complete one of our substance abuse detox programs and receive drug and alcohol addiction treatment. We also encourage residents in our sober living homes to join alumni events to stay engaged, learn helpful tips and tricks from fellow recovering addicts, and maintain a positive mindset. Alumni program participants don’t need to reside in South Florida – our program coordinators strive to facilitate virtual communications for URP graduates around the United States. If you live near our South Florida location, you’ll enjoy various off- and on-site activities that help ensure you don’t lose sight of your goals. 

Our alumni program is undeniable proof that we do recover, no matter how much time or dedication it takes to reach sobriety. Remember: recovery is a lifelong commitment, not a one-and-done ordeal. You have to hold yourself to your goals and learn to stay sober through intrinsic motivation. Our welcoming and wide-reaching alumni program is an excellent way to keep your eyes on the prize: lifelong sobriety.

The Benefits Of A Drug Addiction Alumni Program

The benefits of a drug addiction alumni program are truly endless; recovering addicts can:

  • Connect and form lifelong relationships with other recovering addicts
  • Listen to guest speakers with inspirational recovery stories
  • Participate in enjoyable group activities that keep the body and mind active
  • Receive words of encouragement from their peers and alumni program staff
  • Keep their mind busy, enabling them to avoid stray thoughts that could lead to relapse

Bond With Fellow Recovering Drug Addicts

Pat yourself on the back once you reach the alumni program stage; you’ve made a considerable amount of progress! Think back to your time at our medical detox center and take a look in the mirror: can you see the difference? Even if you don’t realize the tremendous amount of progress you’ve made, others do – including United Recovery Project staff and fellow recovering addicts that you’ve met along the way. Our alumni program enables you to continue to build upon the friendships you’ve made during your time at our luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet individuals who have been sober for decades – a true testament that we do recover! These individuals will eventually become part of your support system – an invaluable resource that will follow you for life. 

Continue To Thrive After Graduating From Drug Rehab

It’s not uncommon for individuals in recovery to feel isolated or depressed and anxious after leaving rehab, especially if they don’t continue drug addiction therapy and 12 step programs. Not only that, but recovering addicts could eventually find it challenging to stay motivated and subsequently start experiencing signs of drug addiction again. Our alumni program reemphasizes the significance of sobriety, which ultimately helps our graduates remain motivated and on track to meet their long-term goals.

Alumni Program for Drug Addiction
stay physically and mentally active

Fill Your Schedule

Recovering addicts should maintain a schedule that enables them to stay physically and mentally active. A little downtime here and there is essential, but too much free time could lead to boredom, which could ultimately increase the risk of relapse. Our alumni program is an excellent way for recovering addicts to fill their calendars with events and activities that encourage long-term sobriety. Our alumni program coordinators are always busy planning fun and engaging events, whether in-person or virtual.

Drug Vs. Alcohol Alumni Programs: What’s The Difference?

Some recovery centers may have two alumni programs – one for alcohol and the other for drugs. Split programs may focus on substance-specific sobriety, such as avoiding alcohol at work happy hours. Here at United Recovery Project, we take on an inclusive approach by maintaining a single alumni program for recovering drug and alcohol addicts. Individuals battling drugs and alcohol have a significant overlap; thus, a combined alumni program is conducive to enhancing all participants’ experiences. Every individual adds value to our program, no matter what substances they used before starting luxury addiction treatment.

Is A Drug Addiction Alumni Program Right For You?

If you can answer “yes” to the below questions, we highly encourage you to join our substance abuse alumni program!

  • Do you want to connect with over recovering addicts from diverse backgrounds?
  • Would you like to participate in engaging activities that help boost your overall wellbeing?
  • Do you want to hear moving stories from other recovering addicts who have walked in your shoes before?
  • Are you interested in participating in frequent in-person and virtual events with fellow URP graduates?
  • Are you committed to maintaining lifelong sobriety while continuing to improve your mental and physical health?
  • Do you want to fill your calendar and avoid having too much free time on your hand, which could potentially lead to relapse?

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