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How Does A Prescription Drug Detox Program Work?

Prescription drug abuse is, unfortunately, a common problem in this country. Many Americans feel trapped by their addiction from stimulants to depressants to narcotics and want help with their condition. Fortunately, a substance abuse detox program like the one offered by United Recovery Project’s detox center can be a solution. This type of program helps patients detox safely and effectively from prescription drugs.

If you or someone you care about is struggling with prescription drug addiction, reach out to us today at 833.525.0166.

What Is a Prescription Drug Detox Center?

A prescription drug detox center is a safe, inpatient setting where you can detox from any prescription medications you have been dependent on or addicted to. There are several categories of prescription drugs that can be addictive, and it’s important to know the differences between them. Here are a few.

  • Depressants, like benzodiazepines, relax the central nervous system.
  • Stimulants, like ADHD medications, which are amphetamines and speed up the central nervous system.
  • Narcotics, like oxycodone, are used for pain relief.

It’s useful to remember that because these three medications are different, they require different treatment methods.

How Does Prescription Drug Abuse Treatment Work?

We all use prescription drugs in some capacity, whether it is to relieve pain or to help us focus. If these drugs are prescribed to us by a doctor, it can seem like they’re okay to use all or most of the time. This is not the case, and that’s why prescription drug detox programs like the one at United Recovery Project’s detox center are so important. We help you fight your addiction to prescription drugs as a unified team.

Detoxing from prescription medications can be uncomfortable and even painful. Our team uses a combination of medication-assisted treatment (MAT) and various forms of therapy to help you detox safely and carefully. Our secluded campus means that you get to have peace and quiet while you detox, and our luxury accommodations mean that you get top-notch treatment and care.

Stages of Detox

But how will the detox process start? First, your doctor will perform a physical and mental evaluation at intake. This will help the treatment team figure out the best course of action to treat your prescription drug addiction.

Next, you will begin the process of medically-assisted drug addiction withdrawal treatment, along with whatever therapy your treatment team believes to be the best fit for you. If you have a dual diagnosis, that will also be taken into consideration during your stay here. The withdrawal process can be rough, so it’s important to be patient and trust your treatment team.

After that, you will move to a more stable and traditional inpatient setting. When you have fully detoxed from whatever prescription drugs you had been using, you will continue with therapy and other forms of counseling.

Finally, you will eventually move on to an outpatient program and then an alumni program. At United Recovery Project, we like to celebrate your recovery as much as you do, so we encourage you to make full use of the alumni program and keep in touch.

Call United Recovery Project’s Detox Center Today

If you or a loved one faces the struggles of prescription drug abuse, you are not alone. At United Recovery Project’s luxury detox center, we are here to help you along every step of the way in your recovery process, from initial intake and detox to outpatient care. Our prescription drug detox center located in beautiful Florida offers state-of-the-art treatment and compassionate, trained professionals that will treat you with respect and dignity on your recovery journey. Don’t wait. Call today at 833.525.0166 to get your life back.