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Is Benzo Detox from Home Safe?

Benzodiazepines (benzos) are a type of drug used to help people with insomnia and anxiety. Used properly, these drugs can provide people with significant symptom relief from these conditions, including better control over muscle tensions and seizures. Yet, misused, addiction can occur. This may lead to the need to enter into a benzo detox program. United Recovery Detox offers a full benzo detox center designed to provide ample support to you as you detox in our location. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t do this at home.

Why Need You Need a Benzo Detox Center

When benzo dependence forms, a person may find it nearly impossible to stop using these drugs without professional help. Even if you have all of the willpower possible, these drugs create an intense level of dependence. That means that your brain will create intense withdrawal symptoms, and you’ll feel cravings until you use them again. Trying to detox at home is often impossible and regularly leads to relapse.

In a drug detox program, that changes. Some of the benefits of this program may include:

  • More success in breaking dependence
  • Fewer cravings and better control over your desire to use
  • Access to psychotherapy programs that can support the recovery process and keep you from relapsing
  • Less risk of overdose, which is more likely when a person tries to detox on their own (and it often has fatal consequences)
  • Better access to other treatment options for the underlying conditions you were using benzos for, such as anxiety and epilepsy

It is important to know that you shouldn’t just stop using these drugs if you are taking benzos through a prescription for anxiety or seizures. Your body may be relying on them to control your symptoms. If you fail to use them, you may experience intense symptoms of underlying conditions, and some of those can be life-threatening. That is why it is critical to work with a team of doctors to support you in the recovery process.

What Can a Benzo Detox Center in Florida Really Do for You?

In a drug addiction withdrawal treatment center, you’ll gain access to more tools to support the detoxing process. This includes a team of medical providers who can help you control withdrawal symptoms and cravings. These professionals can also help you by providing access to medications to treat other underlying conditions. They may use a step-down process to ensure you can safely stop using.

In addition to this, you’ll also have a team ready to support your mental health needs as you stop using these drugs. A full assessment is provided. You’ll gain insight into why you’ve used drugs like this and why addiction occurred. We offer programs such as these to support you:

Explore the Benefits of Benzo Abuse Treatment

You don’t have to feel trapped and stuck using these medications. Treatment options are available to support your full recovery. We offer them at United Recovery Detox. When you safely stop using these drugs in a substance abuse detox center, you’re able to gain control over your health. Most importantly, it is far safer and more effective to use professional treatment for benzo detox than trying to do this at home.

Focus on Your Future at United Recovery Detox

Benzo addiction can make it hard to enjoy a high quality of life. Within our benzo detox center, we’ll provide you with the tools and resources to help you reclaim your life and start healing. You don’t have to feel stuck using this drug. Don’t go it alone. Let our team help you to stop using these drugs for good safely. Call United Recovery Detox at 833.525.0166 or reach out to us online for support.