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What to Expect When You Quit Meth

Methamphetamines (meth) is a highly addictive drug. When misused, it can create intense brain chemistry changes, making it hard to stop. As a result, many people experience withdrawal from this drug’s use. That may include pain and discomfort. With proper meth addiction withdrawal treatment, it may be possible to avoid some of those risks. At United Recovery Detox, we offer a full meth addiction withdrawal treatment center to address what happens when you stop using meth.

Why You’ll Benefit from a Meth Addiction Withdrawal Treatment Center

The thought of no longer using meth can seem frightening. That’s because this drug can, in some cases, create a long and complex withdrawal process. Many people experience meth withdrawal once they stop using the drug, even for a short time. This may include:

  • Lethargy, excessive sleepiness, and fatigue
  • Extreme cravings that are difficult (or impossible) to ignore
  • Increased appetite
  • Feelings of jitteriness
  • Depression and feelings of hopelessness
  • Paranoia or hallucinations, sometimes delusions

These can begin to occur within 12 hours of no longer using the drug. They can last for a week or longer, often reaching their peak at around 5 to 7 days.

How a Luxury Meth Addiction Treatment Center Can Help

How will you overcome these symptoms? In a substance abuse detox center, you’ll have access to a wide range of detox therapies to help you. This may include medications that help to ease the symptoms of withdrawal while also controlling the cravings. This alone may be enough to help you stop using the drug for good. In addition, during detox, you’ll also have access to nutritional therapy to support the healing of inflammation in your body.

A key component to meth addiction recovery is having access to medical care. In some situations, a person may struggle with mental health or physical therapy complications during withdrawal. This may include seizures, hallucinations, and paranoia, making it very difficult to know what’s real. In a treatment center, these conditions and risks are better managed, minimizing your negative outcomes.

In our luxury treatment center, you’ll have access to a comfortable place to work through withdrawal. You’ll also have more support than you may have thought you needed. That’s going to help you thrive in the recovery process.

Providing Comprehensive Meth Withdrawal Management Is Our Goal

Treating withdrawal is a big part of helping men and women with meth addiction move beyond this condition. Yet, there are many facets to this. We provide a range of tools at our meth detox center to help you beyond medications. This may include:

In addition, you’ll be working with your therapist individually while also working in group therapy sessions. This creates an opportunity for you to thrive in recovery by providing tools and strategies for healing. You’ll learn how to overcome the complications you’ve faced one step at a time.

In addition to this, our psychotherapy programs are also designed to help with other needs such as trauma and other mental health disorders you may have. We can also provide family therapy to help you work through the complications that meth addiction creates there.

When you embrace all of these therapies, you can expect to recover and create a new path forward for your life. Meth addiction can be overcome.

Don’t Go It Alone: Get Help from United Recovery Detox

Within our meth addiction withdrawal treatment center, you’ll have access to outstanding tools and resources to support your full recovery. You don’t have to face meth withdrawal or addiction alone. United Recovery Detox offers outstanding support within a luxury treatment center. It feels good to know you have the help you need. Learn more when you call 833.525.0166 or connect with us online today.