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Sober Living for Drug Addiction

Here at United Recovery Project, we offer gender-specific sober living homes as part of our luxury addiction treatment program.
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Not all recovering addicts aren’t ready to jump back into everyday life after drug detox and drug and alcohol addiction treatment. In fact, this period is often the most challenging – it’s the time when individuals must face their triggers, practice healthy coping mechanisms, and adopt a positive mindset. Many recovering drug addicts choose to live in a sober living home. In this substance-free environment, they can live independently but still have access to professional care and a robust support system.

Sober Living for Drug Addiction

Here at United Recovery Project, we offer gender-specific sober living homes as part of our luxury addiction treatment program. Although we don’t require graduates to live in a sober living home, we highly encourage it as a way to promote long-term success. We’re also proud to maintain an “open-door” policy that permits graduates to return to one of our sober living homes if they re-experience drug addiction symptoms. Not only that, but our staff goes above and beyond to ensure that every sober living resident feels safe, welcomed, and empowered during their stay.

What Is A Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is a substance-free residential facility where recovering addicts stay after substance abuse treatment. These homes are an excellent place for individuals to healthily manage their emotions, cravings and connect with other recovering addicts who share the same common goal. While sober living homes have standard ground rules, residents get to live independently and prepare themselves for long-term sobriety. Clients enjoy luxurious amenities, such as ample living spaces and sparkling swimming pools. Moreover, clients participate in various types of therapy and 12 step programs that prepare them for a substance-free and prosperous life. 

What’s The Difference Between A Halfway House And Sober Living Home?

Many people mistakenly confuse halfway houses with sober live homes, however, the differences between the two are night and day. A local government typically funds and manages a halfway house, whereas a private organization funds and operates a sober living home. Although both facilities house recovering addicts, halfway houses often lack the funding necessary to provide the tailored support that’s ever so important for recovering addicts. Unfortunately, a halfway house’s lack of appropriate resources may lead to subpar care and ultimately a lower success rate.

The Benefits Of A Sober Living Home For Drug Addiction

  • Recovering addicts can safely and comfortably transition from rehab back to everyday life.
  • All sober living homes are 100% drug-free, which diminishes the risk of relapse.
  • You will have the opportunity to connect with other recovering drug addicts that share the same common goal.
  • You can live independently, but there’s a “safety net” if you ever feel vulnerable or on the verge of relapse. 
  • Licensed therapists and counselors work with you to ensure you’re staying on track and not falling behind.
  • There are strict ground rules that encourage sobriety and safety for all residents living at the home.

United Recovery Project’s Sober Living Homes

We go above and beyond to provide a positive and refreshing sober living experience for individuals of all backgrounds. We strongly believe that residing in a sober living home is a recipe for success, and we’ll always welcome you back if you need continued support.  Recovering addicts who reside in our sober living homes can access a wide range of healing therapies that benefit their physical, mental, and spiritual health. Some of the drug addiction therapy options include:

  • Nutrition therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Psychotherapy
  • Life skills training

Clients have the opportunity to participate in these therapies while at our luxury drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, and many go on to continue their therapy for years after graduating from United Recovery Project.

Alumni Program For Drug Addiction

Our alumni program is the backbone of our community – a resource that enables individuals to make lifelong friendships, build a support system, and continue to maintain relationships with our staff. We encourage all recovering drug addicts to stay in our sober living homes to participate in our alumni program. Our team regularly hosts alumni events where URP graduates join in fun activities and listen to guest speakers who share their inspiring recovery stories. Graduates outside South Florida can participate in our countless virtual events to stay connected, even if they’re thousands of miles away.

Is A Sober Living Home Right For You?

We highly recommend a sober living home if you can answer “yes” to any of the below questions:

  • Are you committed to achieving lifelong sobriety?
  • Do you want a flexible living arrangement that enables you to connect with other recovering addicts?
  • Will you follow our standard ground rules, such as daily curfews?
  • Do you want extra time to transition back to everyday life while having the opportunity to practice what you learned in our luxury rehab center? 
  • Would you like to enjoy luxurious amenities, such as a resort-style pool, while destressing and practicing healthy habits?
  • Do you want to continue to receive healing therapy that will help put you on the path towards long-term success?
  • Have you already completed one of our substance abuse detox programs?

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